Apr 11, 2010

hi Cat:

how are you?

I was along the end of K Rd the other day and thought of you guys. a new shop has opened at 504, near Stark White. it's a concept store, by an artist, Scrap Wall. he's looking to get a hair dresser to come in once a week. i thought maybe you guys would like to collaborate? 021.520.504 is his number if so.

as for Sb, i'm thinking date ideas in Auckland at the moment, to send out via the Facebook group. one idea i'm thinking of is for a couple to go to the hair salon (of course the salon i'd mention is Vada) and get their hair cut together.  do you think this would work logistically? i mean does it take a lot longer to cut a girl's hair or anything, assuming she isn't getting colour done or anything? they could just sit next to each other and chat through their haircuts, right? totherwise do you have any good date suggestions?

have got lots of compliments on Devo's last hair cut, two people have even asked me to cut their hair. i had to clarify that just because i've got a Devo hair cut doesn't mean i know how to cut hair like Devo. ha.


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