Apr 28, 2010

Dear my best customer:

hi Daniel:

I'm putting the pillow cases in the mail tomorrow. thanks.

it's $99 including postage.  my bank account is 12-3027-0214440-01

you will be glad to know that I will be reinvesting your $$ into more pillow case ventures. i've got about 10 or so ideas that i've been dreaming up. a company in the US is interested in them and I'm waiting to hear back from them.

i just launched the website that's going to showcase my gifts. it's a dating site, but it doesn't set up people with each other, it sets up people with dates. if you have any good date ideas, please let me know. so far I have done the ballet, a bar with a log wood fire & jalapeno margaritas, and a sex therapist. i'm looking into the observatory, rock climbing and getting tattoos together.

i'm also working with a French baker to get my breakfast-in-bed delivery service happening.

i thought of an addition to the break up care package today. it's a picture of your ex that you put in the sunlight until all the colours fade - takes about a month or two with good sun.



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