Apr 27, 2010

Dear Mali:

hi Mali

i thought you might like to know about where some of the Malinches ended up today.

Julia's boyfriend didn't buy the other couple scarf (the one that she bought for him) so i just sent it to her myself. she's moving to be with him in Sydney next week and i want the scarves to be together.

i'm looking for a roommate at the moment, and i totally forgot that a girl was coming to look at the room today at 4. i opened the door when someone knocked and to everyone's surprise it was an Argentinian girl i know who is evidently breaking up with her husband and looking for a new place to live. she started talking about how she wanted kids and he didn't, and it's her 33rd birthday this week. anyway as she kept picking up the little chest you sent out with the Spanish words on it. as she was leaving i decided to give her an early birthday present a worry doll my mom brought back from Guatemala.
La pobrecita, she looked like she could use it. And the chest/worry doll house. She hugged me three times as she left, which is quite a few for a hug-lite culture like we have in NZ.

gracais otra vez por la falicitando.

hey i hope you meet Amethyst. i hardly know her, but i was at her house for margaritas the other night and she makes a mean one. her house was full of Mexican blankets and sombreros, so i think she's going to right at home in Mexico.

Drus xo

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