Apr 22, 2010

Dear John:

I’m Drus, head boyfriend at Sensitive boyfriend. Sensitive boyfriend is a community service & dating Facebook group that promotes sensitivity in relationships. Sb dating differs from other dating websites in that it doesn’t set up people with each other, rather it sets up couples up with dates. It does this by messaging the 230 members of the Facebook group, with the date of the week.

I’m currently trying to think of Sb date ideas. One idea: Swan Lake at the Academy. Nothing saw sensitivity like an evening at the ballet.

I was wondering if you’d approve of mentioning you as an Sb date? If so, 230 people may forever associate the Academy with romance, as well as finding out all the session times for Swan Lake. Perhaps you’d even consider a special offer for members of the Sb Facebook group? Like two complimentary tickets for a couple on the Facebook group?

Let me know if you're interested.

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