Mar 25, 2010

dear Gabriella:

hi Gabriella

rechecking emails between me & my retailer i think i might have left the boards there in late Jan. but in any case i'm pretty resigned to the fact that they're gone. i'll put a notice up in the elevators in case someone's seen them.

i remember seeing you cleaning up, and feeling sorry for you for doing so in full summer. perhaps you'll take some solace in the knowledge that some of your students will notice the effort you put into making AUT better, and do something to improve it themselves. i had an AWFUL year with dismissive AUT staff last year, but your lecture on J-L David was a teaching highlight and your taking time to meet with me & taking an interest in my project was really appreciated. i considered asking you if you'd supervise me at one point. what i'm trying to say is that your passion is noticeable and will serve you well in the future, other passionate people will want to be around you.

now. . . one thing you might be interested in. i was at a talk by a well-known US artist who is doing a project in AKL next year. he works with local communities to make cool things happen. he wants to get the students of Auckland Girls' Grammar to redesign their uniform, and then wear it on mass one day. 1. they're currently looking for manufacturers, 2.  maybe you could get involved with teaching the girls something, get AUT to sponsor you to do a workshop / marketing exercise at AGGS?

the artist is fantastic, you'd love him. this is his site:!/event.php?eid=111759615501902

ps: please don't think i didn't notice your peasant head scarf when you were cleaning. fashion commitment!

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